In the foreground, the castle of Saint Germain de Livet

In the background, the manor of Livet

               And in this unique setting on the 1st floor of the manor, 

we offer  Watteau‘s room, a romantic guest room,

              with a double bed « à la polonaise » painted wood

        in the style of the eighteenth century and a magnificent view

of the castle and moat,

            a seating area and access to the library and its

                                                            comfortable armchairs ...


      and opening of the rolling countryside, ensuite bath

              with freestanding bath for foot sphinx, shower, sink and toilet


Breakfasts are served in the boudoir or on the terrace ...

                 A host table is also proposed

                                                      for lunch and dinner

  Relaxing in the garden where you can enjoy

         an exceptional view of the castle

                                            and the Normandy countryside...

                            And available free wifi and private parking

tel.: 0033 685 525 533   -   0033 231 628
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